Monday, July 11, 2011

A Truth Universally Rejected

The seat is probably the most important part of the bike.  Well, maybe that is untrue, because a seat all by itself, goes nowhere.  So, the wheels are probably the most important part of the bike.  But, on second thought, wheels all by them self fall over.... And I could go on all day.  Believe me I can rationalize just about anything.

So, maybe it would be more fair to say that the seat is the most important part of bike for comfort.  So, when I got back on my bike after my 2 month hiatus, a seat was an important consideration.  My bike advisor, Erik, gave me a choice of 3.  Now, I know exactly what I want.  I want, big comfy, and squishy.
Like this:

Big and fat, for a big fat tooshie, right?  Plus that I think that it looks pretty dang cool because it looks like a fly face.  But, Erik was insistent and wanted to prove something to me, so I smiled sweetly and said "ok".
So, he shows me a couple of choices. 

and then he tells me that the first one is "anatomically correct".  Really?  Really?  It is supposed to be more comfortable.  Right....

The second one should be more comfortable than my fat one because it is smaller.  Really?  Really?  This just can't be true.  I mean their has got to be a law of science that says fat and squishy = more comfortable.  Right?

So, just to be funny, I picked the "anatomically correct" seat.  Now, here is the point in my story where I have to tell you that I am just a little bit proud of myself, because there were ALL kinds of things that I could've said at that moment, but I refrained (I suggest that you do the same - take those thoughts captive!).  So, he installed the "AC" seat.  I'm thinking, it's ok, this is a short ride, we are only going a few blocks.  (At this point, you might want to read my previous post about the length of ride.)  Well, instead he drug me kicking and screaming for 5.12 miles and although I wanted to throw up and I was sweating like a pig, my rear end was surprisingly un-sore.  Now, how on earth could that work?  How could putting my big, fat, biker mom butt on a skinny saddle with a hole in the middle be more comfortable that my gel-filled fly face?  I DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWER!  But, it is a truth universally rejected by the non-biking public. 

Small, skinny seats with a hole in the middle are more comfortable.  Go figure!

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