Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Stars Aligned

The stars aligned and the sun came up and I had no excuse for not riding with my husband.  The truly sad thing is that I can make all kinds of excuses for NOT riding.  And you know what?  They sound great in my head. They sound great when I am mumbling them from the bed.  They sound whiny when I repeat them later in the day.  This whole biking thing is forcing me to realize that there are some things about myself that I don't like.  I will list them for you:

1.  I am a whiner and sometimes I like it.
2.  My excuses are best mumbled into a pillow.  I need to get more creative
3.  My gluteous maximus ___________  (you can fill in the blank here...hurts, is big, etc).
4.  I am impulsive.  Remember? Signing up to ride 27 miles was totally an impulse. 
5.  I like air conditioning.  (I don't really hate that about myself, but it seemed to fit in the list).

But, I've also discovered some cool new things.  I will list them for you too:

1.  Lots of people have very interesting yard art.  When you are driving a car, you are going too fast to notice.  I always wondered who bought all those cement figures when I passed their lots.  Now I know.  They are my neighbors.  (BTW, just in case you are interested, angels are the most popular.)  Ooooh, maybe I'll start a cement yard art tally.  "Today was an 18 angel, 1 rabbit, 4 lion, and 2 turtle kind of day."  Would that interest anyone?
2.  Biker shorts are made to be worn without undergarments.  My first thought was "Really?  Oh no, I need all the padding I can get!"  But, since you can be on the bike for long amounts of time and undergarments can sometimes bunch and wad, it kinda makes sense.  In a gross kind of way.
3.  I found a new cool app for my iPhone that tells YOU when I ride.  Maybe, just maybe, it will inspire a few things.  I could feel accountable to you, my reading public, to actually exercise.  You might decide, if a fat mom can ride, you can too.  I might raise money that helps to find a cure for diabetes.  (Just imagine, my riding would put the research account just over the top and they would be able to Bam!, find a cure, and then they would want to recognize me...They would bring me up on a stage with my bike, and I would thank YOU, my loyal public, and then I would bow and look down and suddenly realize that I am on stage in biker shorts and no underwear under (of course) and be totally embarrassed that I am a fat biker mom on stage in front of everyone and it would be all YOUR fault for not encouraging me to ride more.)  See it???  A major motion picture in the works...

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