Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Bike Store

Well, I decided that since I have been riding more, I should splurge and purchase a new helmet.  So, we went to a bike store.  I was contemplating the helmet choices when the salesman came to help me.  (We named him Bob, I don't know his real name)  The conversation went something like this:
Bob:  Can I help you with anything?
Me:  Well, I think I need a new helmet, but I don't want to pay alot for it (Since helmets range from $29 to $200, I thought I better get that in quickly).
Bob:  I can help you with that.  How old is your helmet?
Me:  14 years old
Bob:  gulp (it was audible)  Umm, yes, you definitely need a new helmet.

Then he goes into how they are constructed and how the foam deteriorates over the years.  Me?  I just want a new helmet because the little Velcro pieces have come loose and my hair is getting stuck in the glue. 

Bob:  So, how to you ride?  on the road or on the trail?
Me:  Well, I really don't ride, but I somehow managed to sign up to ride 27 miles in September and so I am trying to train a little.
Bob:  gulp (again audibly, but eyes bulging now) 

So, then I am trying to justify why I am doing it, and trying to make myself seem a little skinnier and more fit.  I don't think that Bob was fooled.  I think he might have been a little scared for me.

I picked a new helmet, he helped me pick a new seat, and somehow I left 2 hours later with a NEW BIKE.  Not because Bob was an aggressive salesman, but because I started hearing about all the new technologies of bikes.  Really, my dear husband talked me into it.  I think he was afraid that people would laugh at us on the Tour de Cure. Something about bad paint jobs, Huffy brand, and cobwebs.

So, my new bike is blue with anatomically correct seat, ergonomic handlebars, a rack for a bag, fenders with mud flaps, stirrups for my feet, and a BELL!    And best of all, it was on clearance.  I named it Marley (because it was a clearance puppy...see Marley and Me if you don't get it).

Who knew that bikes could have so many cool accessories?  Who knew that they could be so light?  Who knew that you can change gears soundlessly?  Who knew that brakes aren't supposed to squeal?  Who knew that one bike can ride so smoothly?  Wow!

Do you know what this means?  I have to ride my bike now.  I have spent enough money that I am passed the point where this can just be a passing fancy.  I have to ride my bike now.  Somehow, I have to figure out how to make my body ride farther than 6.6 miles!!!

I wish I could learn to be a little less impulsive.


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