Friday, August 5, 2011

Well, this weekend is a new chapter in my biking adventure.  Tomorrow, we do our first group ride.  Now, I've never ridden in a group and I suspect that it must be really different.  So, I am very glad that there is going to be a class beforehand. It is called:  "How to Ride in a Group."  Clever, huh?

Good thing I'm not a super competitive person.  A competitive person would have to be the leader of the pack.  That would be a problem because I am not a fast rider (I hear your gasp of surprise).  In fact, if it weren't for the fact that being last could mean I am downwind from the group, I would probably be content to be last.  I like to lolly-gag while I ride.  I'm content to search for yard art.  Here is my current favorite:

Now, some of you might be asking a very good question...downwind?  I'm not talking about drafting (although I think I could REALLY like that).  I'm talking about the downwind that hunters talk about.  We are in Houston.  It is the driest, hottest summer on record.  Dry means no rain, dry does not mean no humidity.  That means people who are outside are sweating.  People who are outside exercising are sweating like pigs.  People who sweat like pigs, smell like pigs.  I'm not joking!  Now, are you imagining the peril of the situation?  That means that there is only one thing to do....well two.  I could stay home in bed OR I could put on my big girl panties, stop whining, and ride faster to escape the biking perfume.

The big question is... what will I do?  Maybe I'll go buy a case of deodorant.  Tune in tomorrow for more details.

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