Saturday, August 6, 2011

Types of Riders

1.  "Real" riders don't stop for potty breaks.  OK, I get that.  They don't want to stop.  Sometimes there aren't bathrooms near by.  Get that too.  Here is what I don't get..."Real" riders just keep going ...while going.  Get that?  They don't stop.  They just go.  They go to the bathroom on their bike!!!!  Oh gross!  I will NEVER be a "real" rider.  I hope I never ride with a "real" rider. BTW - I don't personally know any "real" riders.

2.  "Red Riders" are riders that ride the Tour de Cure with diabetes.  So they are diagnosed diabetics that are riding.  Now if you don't know much about diabetes, here is a quick crash course.  Exercise causes your blood sugars to go down.  Low blood sugars are bad.  So, riding a bike long distance can be a challenge for diabetics.  Because of this, we are supposed to yell "Go Red Rider" when we pass them on a ride.

3.  Group riders are supposed to communicate.  They are supposed to say "passing on the left" or "car back" or "debris"  or "pothole".  Now this is a problem for me.  Remember that I can barely breathe while I am riding so this communicating thing is difficult.  Today, I should've yelled "debris" to the person behind me, but I couldn't remember the word.  All I could think of was "junk".  I'm hopeless.

4.  Serious riders can change their own tires.  They don't call AAA.  Really.  Today I saw a rider covered in grease from doing bike repairs.  Me?  I don't do maintenance.  I barely know where to find the wheel.  My last experience with chains was in 1973.  Haven't touched one since.  Don't plan on it either.  This is why I am married.  I call him.

5.  Recreational riders are like me.  I am a recreational rider.  I don't get my bike "wet".  I don't have to worry about my blood sugar.  I don't communicate.  I can't change a tire.  I just ride my bike and whine a little.

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