Monday, April 18, 2011

The Beginning

So, I take my bike out for a spin. Got two blocks away and came back. My seat shifted and the only reason why I didn't fall off was my ear piercing scream propelled me forward. Came back to fix it and found a mud dobber nest on my wheel when I tried to air up the tire. Really? I signed up for how many miles on the Tour de Cure?  27?  Can I change my registration?

Things I learned on my bike ride today:
1. Coasting is oh so good.
2. Air in your tires really helps.
3. Bike helmets have totally ruined the biking industry.
4. I will die in September and my Dad and Hannah have to plan my funeral since I riding all for them!

So then, while I was in the shower, I made a decision. I'm going to start a blog detailing my biking adventures. It will be called "Tales of a Fat Biker Mom." It will be so immensely popular that it will be made into a book and a major motion picture. And after I take my husband on a cruise to Alaska, I will donate all of the proceeds to diabetes research.

Now the big question is "Who should play me?"

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